Places of interest


Pico del Teide

The summit of the Teide volcano with 3718 meters at its highest point in all of Spain. Although this is officially a dormant volcano, experts do not exclude that it may come to new outbursts. It is quite an experience to go up Mount Teide. With the cable car you can reach a height of 3550 meters (if the lift is not closed due to high winds), those who want to go to the crater at an altitude of 3718 meters has to ask for a special license that you should arrange in advance.


The pirate village of Masca is a popular excursion in Tenerife. Coupled with a visit to this mountain village is a beautiful panoramic view and usually a descent where bridge a height of about six hundred meters during your walk. The route which in part passes by the Masca-gap will end after about three to four hours on a small rocky beach. From here you can go by boat to Los Gigantes.

Del Teide National Park

Volcano Teide and the surrounding area is a national park with a great variety of landscapes. In the west you will find jet black volcanic rock to just below the Pico del Teide, you have a beautiful view point (‘mirador’) on shapely volcanic rocks and immediately east of the peak you see landscapes which have sulfur in a way colored green that you imagine your on another planet.


One of the most authentic places on the island is located on the north coast Garachico, where the street are partly determined by historical buildings such as the church, several monasteries and traditional homes.

Las Aguilas del Teide

An ecological park with an area of less than 75,000 square meters, the Parque Ecologico on the road to Arona. In the beautiful tropical scenery, enjoy free flying eagles, parrot shows, crocodiles and hippos.


Tenerife has a fairly high number of museums, most harbor impressive art collections. Some other museums that are worth to see is the Museum of Dimas Coello in Candelaria, dedicated to one of the greatest artists that the island has known, the Museo de la Naturaleza y el Hombre in Santa Cruz and the Archaeological Museum in Puerto de la Cruz .

Pyramids of Güímar

On the east coast town of Güímar you will find the Pyramids of Güímar, six pyramids consisting of stones in rectangular shapes are stacked. It is striking that the stones are not from the immediate area, but the lava exists from elsewhere on the island. Until now, they are still not one hundred percent certain or determined when and by whom the pyramids were built.